All these photos were taken on 7 Jul 2015, while the dew was still on the grass.

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This little abandoned cemetery is located off Highway 26 West, just east of Hollywood.

I understand there are probably about 50 graves, but time and nature have reclaimed many monuments and original wooden markers.

 photo Stroud - Williams Mattie.jpg
Mattie Malcom Williams, 1874-1914
 photo Stroud - Rowe Euel Dow.jpg
Euel Dow Rowe, 1900-1907
 photo Stroud - Green Thomas F.jpg
Green Thomas F Malcom, 1855-1884
 photo Stroud - Malcom Susan Amelia Street.jpg
Susan Amelia Street Malcom, 1817-1899
 photo Stroud - Malcom Green Anderson.jpg
Green Anderson Malcom, 1819-1896
 photo Stroud - Malcom Benjamin Franklin.jpg
Benjamin Franklin Malcom, 1839-1930
 photo Stroud - Stubier.jpg
Doug Stubler, 1949-2010
At Oakland and Fraternal Historic Cemetery Park (Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR).

 photo 01 30 20153.jpg
I call her the weeping angel.

She's a larger than life sized angel, kneeling prostrate on the Steen family monument.


The folds on the robe in the rear view of the monument, as well as the detail in the feathers, is just incredible.


It took some digging, but I believe this monument marks the graves of Jeremiah Palmer Steen (1840-1908), and his adopted son, William E Steen (1871-1909), both of whom have very simple markers behind the monument.

In the 1880 census, the family was living at 1122 Main Street in Little Rock. That location is now an interstate overpass. Jeremiah Steen's occupation was listed as "collects his rents."

I did not see a stone for Kate Steen, Jeremiah's Canadian born wife.

I'll have to go back and take a closer look...
August 10, 1969 was a horrific day for Charles Ry and Geneva L Ketcherside.

They lost their home in a fire, and with it, 6 children.


Randy L Duvall, b 27 Sep 1958 (son of Geneva and her first husband, Lee Duvall)
Connie L Ketcherside, b 20 Mar 1962, and her siblings
Aaron R, b 13 Nov 1963
Sheila K, b 20 Jun 1965
Dennis R, b 18 Oct 1966; and
Michael R, b 29 Oct 1967
The first burial here was in 1842.

The cemetery is on the National Register of Historic Places.





Thomas F Dunnahoo, died Jan 19, 1859...aged 27 Ys, 8 mos, 6 Dys

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