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I went to Oakland this morning.

It was a fine day for graving in one of my favorite cemeteries.

Angels and other mourning figures catch the eye...
 photo 100_7074.jpg

 photo 100_7143.jpg

 photo 100_7076.jpg

 photo 100_7123.jpg

The weeping angel on the Steen monument is a favorite of many visitors to the cemetery, and is one of my all time personal favorites. The level of detail the stone carver cut into this monument is incredible.
 photo weepingangelfrontclose.jpg

 photo weepingangelback.jpg

 photo weepingangelbackclose.jpg

I have no idea how long some of these old trees have been there, but their massive branches create cool quiet for meditation.
 photo 100_7080.jpg

Mausoleums...their doors - sometimes ornate, and sometimes quite plain - always intrigue me.
 photo 100_7110.jpg

 photo 100_7159.jpg

 photo Webber.jpg

 photo Webberdoor.jpg

 photo 100_7194.jpg

 photo 100_7196detail.jpg

Heartbreak immortalized in stone. H D and Kate Green lost two sons to war.
 photo secondGreensonlostatwar.jpg

 photo useinscription.jpg

Members of several cultures place stones upon a gravestone. The practice probably dates back to a Jewish tradition of marking a grave with a cairn of stones. Each mourner added a stone to the cairn to honor the deceased.

It's refreshing to see that the staff of Oakland do not sweep the stones off of gravestones, as is often done in larger corporate cemeteries.
 photo 100_7149.jpg

 photo 100_7144-1.jpg

The gravestones at Oakland are full of symbols, as are many of the fences and gates.
 photo symbols.jpg

 photo 100_7233.jpg

 photo Greekorthodoxcorss.jpg

 photo 100_7167.jpg

In addition to the likeness on this one, there is also a symbol of an eternal flame.
 photo 100_7228.jpg

If you are local to the area, you simply must go smell the roses while they are in bloom on this family plot.
 photo 100_7129.jpg

Inscriptions always catch my eye...
Died Thursday Morning
 photo diedThursdaymorning.jpg

My Beloved One Farewell
 photo inscription.jpg

 photo 100_7160.jpg

 photo 100_7226.jpg

 photo 100_7162.jpg

 photo 100_7172.jpg

 photo 100_7235.jpg
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