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Aug. 22nd, 2015 10:10 pm
They are memorials to those who pass before us - some breathtakingly ornate, carved by master stone masons. Some are heartbreakingly simple, carved by loving hands of a father who could not pay for his baby's gravestone.

Though the histories carved on their surfaces may be brief, with only a name and a date, others are much more elaborate, including room sized structures erected to honor the dead.

They are there because someone wanted to remember.


This blog features photography of and posts about cemeteries and the memorial art contained in them, including funerary symbolism as it has progressed throughout the years. Please feel free to add your own photos in your comments.

The majority of the photos were taken in cemeteries and family graveyards in Arkansas, where I can often be found wandering with camera in hand...

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 photo AngeloMarreCalvary.jpg

Likeness of Angelo Marre, Calvary Cemetery, Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR
 photo gravenimages.jpg

Henry L Winkler was the oldest of four small children of this family.

 photo gravenimagesWinklerHenry.jpg
I call her the weeping angel.

She's a larger than life sized angel, kneeling prostrate on the Steen family monument.


The folds on the robe in the rear view of the monument, as well as the detail in the feathers, is just incredible.


It took some digging, but I believe this monument marks the graves of Jeremiah Palmer Steen (1840-1908), and his adopted son, William E Steen (1871-1909), both of whom have very simple markers behind the monument.

In the 1880 census, the family was living at 1122 Main Street in Little Rock. That location is now an interstate overpass. Jeremiah Steen's occupation was listed as "collects his rents."

I did not see a stone for Kate Steen, Jeremiah's Canadian born wife.

I'll have to go back and take a closer look...
Birdie Besancon
daughter of J & K Besancon
Born Apr 6 1918,
Died Dec 5, 1920

Mary Ann Gordon, daughter of Anderson and Lydia Ann Gordon
Was born 16th Dec 1849
Died the 21st Aug 1850
Aged 8 months and 5 days

Ford Cemetery Appleton AR

Katharine Howell
and Babe
Loving Wife and Son of
Felix S Hereford
Born Russellville, Ark.
April 20, 1880
Died Dallas Texas
March 18, 1914
Ever loyal and faithful

Photo taken at Oakland Cemetery, Russellville, Pope Co., AR
Sometimes, as soon as I pull into the drive of a cemetery, I feel at peace.

Shady Grove was one of those.


I don't know who she was, but this stone for Linnie Norton just touched me.

Linnie E Cooley Norton
Daughter of George Cooley and Vera Pansie Osmon
She married Jay Dalton Norton.


Shadow Shot

Nov. 2nd, 2012 08:35 pm
Capt. Jimmy Cartwright
73rd AVN Co., Viet Nam
Born June 16, 1936
Died June 23, 1964

Little Rock National Cemetery

A flower left on his virtual memorial at Find a Grave says:
KIA when his fixed wing aircraft was shot down. He was serving with the 73RD AVN CO, US ARMY SPT CMD VIETNAM, MACV, Army of the United States from Mountainburg, Arkansas. JIMMY CARTWRIGHT is on the Wall at Panel 01E Line 055. May his sacrifice not be forgotten.

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